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Notary Public in Brampton and Ontario & Other Legal Services

A notary public is certified to witness oaths, sign affidavits and certify documents. During one’s day-to-day life it will often become necessary to certify a document as a true copy or to prepare an affidavit. Perera Law in Brampton understands that this can be one more task added to your already packed schedule – don’t fret – ask Perera Law about flat-free pricing and how Perera Law can assist you. We are happy to serve the Brampton area as well as the rest of Ontario with notary public services including Milton, Mississauga, & Orangeville.

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Notarization & Certified True Copies

Certain government documents must be notarized and sometimes you may require a certified true copy of a document or identifying documents.

Affidavits & Statutory Declarations

An affidavit is a sworn document whereby the statements made are sworn under oath. Affidavits are common documents used in litigation to enter evidence and are often used as supporting documents throughout the different stages of a family law matter. A statutory declaration, while similar to an affidavit, involves statements that are made by solemn declaration. Statutory declarations are common in real estate and mortgage transactions.

Invitation Letters

A commissioned and notarized invitation letter can be used to help bolster a Visa application for a friend or relative who wishes to visit Canada by outlining details of the visit and can provide assurances that your friend or relative will be cared for by you during their stay and will not overstay their Visa.

Travel Consent Letters

Travel consent letters are used in situations when a child is travelling without their parents/legal guardians or with only one parent/legal guardian. Often terms of a separation agreement will require the parent that does not have custody to have an executed travel consent letter if travelling with children of the relationship.


Perera Law is here to help, so let’s work together.

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